Medical tourism, big business opportunity for certified MDs and surgeons

Regina Garza Roche, director of the Universidad Anahuac Mayab Transfer Office, said that during 2014, medical tourism revenue in Mexico reached $3.08 billion, which translates into a business opportunity for certified MDs and surgeons.

Garza Roche stated that the combination of technology and tourism provides quality health care, and it is a reality thanks to the Medical Manik system, a Datateam Health Information Consulting business unit that allows total control of the office and works as a link with the service sector.

Another important web-based medical information data bank for the Yucatan is the website, developed by the Secretariat of Tourism Promotion of the State of Yucatan, and recently launched earlier this year.

Meeting at the Anahuac Mayab University (Photo: SIPSE)
Meeting at the Anahuac Mayab University (Photo: SIPSE)

An additional benefit that these patients are bringing to our state is the developing of appropriate infrastructure to meet their relatives or companions hospitality needs, the touristic branding of ‘Mexico’ destinations (specifically in the Yucatan), and the exchange of knowledge among doctors.

Patients in the United States and Canada pay between 36 and 89 percent less for operations and medical treatments in Mexico.


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