Man captured on video strangling a cat in Mexico City

MEXICO CITY — Once again in Mexico, another act of animal abuse becomes viral on social media.

A man was captured on video, strangling a cat in the streets of Tlalpan, in the southern part of Mexico City. The man kept choking the poor animal despite the threats of neighbors.

The video clearly shows a man with one foot on top of the cat, and pulling a rope around the animal’s neck, until he suffocates it.

According to witnesses, the “Catkiller of Tlalpan” (El Mata Gatos de Tlalpan), as he has been nicknamed after the video went viral, killed the cat because it sneaked into his house on the street of Bokobá in the neighborhood known as Pedregal de San Nicolás.

After several requests to release the animal and after one of the neighbors threatened to report him to authorites, the man slightly loosed the rope and dragged the cat out of the building, but apparently, the poor animal was already dead.