Gov. Roberto Borge honors Quintana Roo’s outstanding athletes

Gov. Roberto Borge Angulo delivered the 2015 State Sports Award to athletes Joselito Velázquez Altamirano, Andy Emanuel Sánchez Pérez, Lesly Yamil Gómez Caballero and Fátima del Rosario Crisanto Ayil, along with coaches Juan Pastor León Hernández and Abel Hernández Gutiérrez.

Accompanied by the Mayor Othón P. Blanco Eduardo Espinosa Abuxapqui and by the Quintana Roo Youth and Sports (Cojudeq) commissioner, Martín Cobos Villalobos, the governor congratulated the athletes in the categories of male individual athlete, individual with disabilities and female individual athlete for their outstanding participation in national and international events.

“Today it is an honor to join and spend time with elite athletes of Quintana Roo, young people who, thanks to their talent, effort, discipline and performance, won important spots as nationally selected people of Quintana Roo in different categories. They have also won the respect and admiration of society and many young people and children for whom they are role models,” he said.

The state leader restated his intention to continue investing in athletic infrastructure, hiring coaches and creating better athletic spaces in the municipalities, cities and neighborhoods where “we must keep looking for the future generations of champions.”

Borge also recognized the reporters Aarón Antonio Bautista Pelayo and Alberto Aguilar Nobel for their outstanding work coveirng sporting events.

Gov. Roberto Borge awarded the state’s outstanding athletes. SPECIAL TO THE NEWS