Gendarmerie rescue residents from burning home in Valladolid

Gendarmerie extinguish fire in Valladolid (Quadratin)

VALLADOLID — Officers of the federal Gendarmerie Division carried out the evacuation of a home that caught fire in Colonia Santa Ana, in the city of Valladolid, Yucatan on Monday November 30th to ensure the safety of the community and protect the inhabitants of the area.

According to a statement from the Federal Police, during a crime prevention patrol, agents detected that a house on Calle 35 of Colonia Santa Ana was on fire.

The police officers of the Gendarmerie immediately helped the residents who were still inside to evacuate the premises. One of them was a person with mental disability, and due to the effective work of the agents nobody was injured or hurt during the fire.

Staff of the Gendarmerie Division in coordination with the State Government Fire Department, secured the perimeter of the affected area to control the fire.

Gendarmerie extinguish fire in Valladolid (Quadratin)
Gendarmerie extinguish fire in Valladolid (Quadratin)


There was only one case of nervous breakdown. The inhabitants credited the timely intervention of the federal police force, the same troops who requested the support of the state’s fire department and together took action to safeguard the physical integrity of the affected population.

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