Feria Xmatkuil concludes with record attendance, providing happy memories to last til next year

Photo: Robert Adams Midway at Feria Xmatkuil.

It’s not Disneyworld, but Yucatan’s Feria Xmatkuil appears to provide just as much enjoyment and clean family fun to the many devoted fairgoers who attend this annual entertainment extravaganza.

The Feria closed Sunday Dec. 6 with a record attendance of more than two million visitors during its three week run. With hundreds of events, dozens of midway thrill rides and games of chance, scores of concerts, livestock shows and spectacles of the weird, the annual event is a well-orchestrated exercise in keeping the Yucatan public happy.

One of the most striking features of the Feria is the effective use of public transportation to shuttle thousands of visitors from downtown Merida to the fairgrounds on the city’s southern outskirts. The long lines endured by fairgoers who waited for up to an hour to journey to and from the Fair didn´t seem to dampen their enthusiasm, neither going or coming back. Buses were jammed with smiling, laughing fair visitors who appeared to be very thankful for this enjoyable break from their routines.

This year’s record attendance of more than two million visitors was achieved despite a slow start due to rainy weather. Organizers, including the president of the Institute of State Trade Promoter, Juan Jose Abraham Achach, expresed satisfaction with the turnout for the 41st annual edition of the fair.

The lack of any incidents that might have marred the three-week fair is a testament to the basic law-abiding nature of Yucatan’s people. It is also a demonstration of the state’s effective law enforcement approach. The highly visible presence of local, state and federal police officers throughout the fairgrounds played no small role in the achievement of another safe and enjoyable edition of the Feria Xmatkuil.



Among the innovations this year was the inauguration of the newly constructed Montejo Entertainment Center, which attracted as many as 30,000 fans for concerts by by musicians including the popular star Julion Alvarez.

By Robert Adams for TYT




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