The Evolucion Revolution

Merida Yucatan, Sunday December 13th 2015

On Tuesday December the 8th, The Yucatan Times Newsroom received a phone call from a person that informed us about an event to take place December the 13th in Evolucion A.C. and that according to our source; Silvia Cortés the director of Evolución A.C. did not want outsiders to their inner circle to know. That event to take place was to examine the conditions of the over 200 animals currently in the shelter by a group of well-known veterinarians and their teams as well as volunteers.  The reason this was to happen…  a “denuncia” or formal complaint had been presented to the local authorities against Silvia Cortés, the director of Evolución A.C. for the mistreatment and neglect to give proper care of some of the animals under their supervision, one case in particular was the one that detonate this entire situation, a dog named “Lobo/Woofie”.

This is Mrs. Trujillo letter to the community. It is presented as written by her:

A month ago today my daughter Aby and I removed Lobo AKA Woofy from the shelter known as Evolucion A.C. and rushed him to Planned Pethood Mexico. Doctor Nelson Avila, examined the poor dog. 


After doing tests and a thorough physical examination it was decided that Lobo had to be euthanized. This was the tip of the iceberg for me. As Abigail had been working at Evolucion for the last 3 months and I was the one she came home crying to everyday. It is a long story involving a rat’s infestation, unhealthy work environment, no medical records for the animals of any sort, open wounds that go untreated, and the list goes on and on. It has been extremely difficult to keep quiet but there is nothing more powerful the images and so here we are today.


It is my STRONG believe that the people in charge of this shelter are guilty of negligence and animal cruelty. I cannot imagine how they can say “we love animals” and have animals in this condition.


As a result of Lobo:

I have filed a denuncia (complaint) against Evolucion A.C. I have learned that there is NO government agency in charge of regulating “shelters”. Also with the help Doctor Jose Antonio Rios of Planned Pethood Mexico, Doctor Juan Uitz, Doctor Javier Canto and MANY volunteers we are doing a HUGE triage clinic at Evolucion on Dec 13th 2015,  to assess the physical and medical state of the 215 dogs and 32 cats at the shelter at this point.

The worse thing that can happen to a street animal is to be rescued only to die hungry and in pain.

Please make your donations to Planned Pethood to cover the cost of this emergency medical triage, long term care and medications.

If you are a donor, please join me in demanding change. This cannot happen again tomorrow, next month or next year. As it says in Evolucion’s website: “Raise your voice, do not look the other way. Defeat your fears, do your part!”

As result of the letter presented by Mrs. Trujillo already in circulation in the social networks, the Evolucion A.C. team tried to swift the public’s opinion by posting yesterday, December 12th at 2130 hours the following statement, in Spanish.


As an only time, tomorrow, December the 13th “Patitas Mojadas” (wet paws) will be suspended. We will have you back as normal the 20th of December since 10:00 am. And then it explains the visit of the veterinarians who will go revise the current animal situation.

At 0930 hours, The Yucatan Times director, accompanied by Mrs. Sara Bateman owner of “Amigos de Rico” a foundation whose mission is to improve the lives of dogs in Yucatan through sterilization and education, went to Evolucion A.C. to see if such event was really to take place. At the entrance gate, Mrs. Ivonne Trujillo was standing with her daughter since access to this event had been denied to them by specific order of Mrs. Silvia Cortés.

Mrs. Ivonne Trujillo outside Evolucion A.C.
Mrs. Ivonne Trujillo outside Evolucion A.C.

As we proceed to enter, Mrs. Bateman went ahead as The Yucatan Times director started taking pictures of the place, the event and those assisting the event. Mrs. Silvia Cortés ran to the door and proceeded to block the access and physically pushed out The Yucatan Times director with the assistance of others, arguing “personal conflicts” with him.

Evolucion volunteer filming TYT´s director as he took pictures of the situation

Mrs. Sara Bateman, who has financially contributed to Evolución A.C. personally and through her foundation, was let in under the condition of not taking any photographs or talking to others about the current situation. After speaking to Silvia Cortés, Mrs. Patricia Holland and Doctor Antonio Ríos who assures her they will evaluate all the animals and proceed to create a record of the procedures she leaves the premises.

Mrs. Bateman speaking with Silvia Cortés, Mrs. Patricia Holland and others regarding the situation.


What is happening in Evolucion A.C.?

For some time now, different people, expatriates as well as Mexicans, have seized their financial or personal support to Evolucion A.C. the reason mentioned by them is… Mrs. Silvia Cortés and her inability to give care to 200+ animals. Many of the people interviewed by The Yucatan Times today after the given facts, mentioned their concern about the animals but particularly the issue regarding no clear account of where their money is going. There are many unanswered questions and the next few days we will be trying to unravel each and every one of them… In the meantime, this story will continue.

Alejandro Azcárate/J.Urioste




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