Evolución A.C.: A case of unpleasant news that is still important

Source: Rescued dog.

In journalism there are two types of news: the important ones and the interesting ones. What is the difference between one and the other? Important news, no matter how much discomfort it brings, no matter if we are personally in favor or against it, it has to be reported since that information is a matter of great importance to a community. Interesting news is simply that… interesting.

Many times as a journalist the information displeases you profoundly, in a personal and in a professional way, however, things have to be published for the general public to know, consider and make up their own mind about it.

The situations regarding the dog rescue/shelter Evolución A.C. are important news for many reasons within the expatriate as well as the Yucateco community. Many things are at stake here, beginning with the life and well-being of 200+ animals. The fact that one animal suffered an extremely cruel death is one too many.

The same applies with vaccines or any medication: if the procedures to make them are not extremely well conducted, people may perish. If animals are not cared for the right way, situations like this very unfortunate one described by Mrs. Ivonne Trujillo in her statement and lawsuit will happen over and over again, whether in Evolución A.C. or anywhere else.

Source: Rescued dog.
Source: Rescued dog.

Are there successful stories regarding the adoption of animals by Evolución A.C.? Of course there are. Many of them! Kind-hearted people have adopted or fostered hundreds of dogs that now have a home, a family that takes care of their well-being, that provides a roof, medical attention and gives them love.

Today as a news outlet, we face an unpleasant situation, to report what is important over what is interesting, knowing that some people will be ruthless about it and we will be situated under public scrutiny. The animals are very well worth it!

The whole object of the upcoming stories in the next few days, regarding this dispute amongst Mrs. Ivonne Trujillo and her daughter Abigail in a lawsuit against Evolución A.C. is to really pay attention to what is going on, in this and other rescue/shelters.

Certain individuals in the social networks claim we have damaged Evolución and the dogs, since people will withdraw their support. That might happen, but also there is a chance that people will start paying attention much more closely where their funds are going, what is being done to improve the quality of life of the animals. A person asks and reproaches: “What did you expose? Exposed implies something has been hidden and now comes to light… Evolución is an open air sanctuary open to the public for all to see”. Perhaps it is open for all to see, but the fact is that yesterday, they did not allow the entrance of Mrs. Trujillo and her daughter.

In Mexico, it is called “Civil Association,” a group of private individuals that come together for a non-profit organization with full legal personality, to carry out cultural, educational or other events. Its constitution requires:

  • A minimum number of members for its constitution.
  • That the transcripts of its creation and its statutes appear before an organ of public administration.
  • To have internal rules, that say that a director can be appointed in order to hold a general assembly composed of all members.
  • The internal voting procedure meets a minimum of democratic rules.
  • Free access to the accounting and management partners… Amongst other terms.

With this grand amount of attention towards Evolución A.C., it faces the opportunity to reconsider their mission, their vision and their values as a Civil Association. It is time (if it hasn´t been done) to create a board conformed by animal health professionals, expatriate and Mexican volunteers, perhaps even a representantive of the government. This group of people can make good, solid based pronouncements regarding the situation animals are in, through hard facts. This group, with a firm knowledge, can decide about numerous subjects, starting with the size of the shelter and if it can hold 200+ dogs and cats or only so many, what requirements are needed to rescue or take a dog in as well as euthanize those that need it. That, to this day, is not happening. Today most of the decisions regarding the dogs fall under a few people and to our knowledge — this not being confirmed — there are no procedure manuals in case Mrs. Silvia Cortés, the shelter’s director, is not available.

No, we most certainly do not enjoy writing about this, but as stated at the beginning of the editorial, there are important stories and there are interesting stories… This one is very important.

José E. Urioste
Director General
The Yucatan Times



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