Dance 2015 away for 4 days on beaches and jungles in Quintana Roo

Dance 2015 away on secret beaches and jungles in the Mexican Caribbean. Playa del Carmen is waiting for you to enjoy a 4 day music festival limited to 4,000 people. Be one of the chosen!

Have access to all festival locations except VIP areas from December 30 at 10pm to January 3 at 10am.

Live this one of a kind experience for 4 days in the sunny paradise of Playa del Carmen! Includes Beach, Club, Rooftop Pool and Jungle Stages.

Early Bird – US$ 95
Regular – US$ 150
Final – US$ 165

4-Day VIP Pass
Full VIP access to the festival: private areas and tables, no queues (it’s NYE!), bottle service with your personal waiter, etc. Includes Beach, Club, Rooftop Pool and Jungle Stages. Order bottles online at:

Early Bird – US$ 145
Regular – US$ 225
Final – US$ 275


1-Day Passes
Buy regular and VIP tickets for each of the individual events! Choose your night or day of fun in the best locations in Playa del Carmen:
– December 30 – TERRAZZA STAGE
@ La Santanera
– December 31 – BEACH STAGE
@ Coco Maya
@ Reina Roja
– January 2 – JUNGLE STAGE
@ Sacbe Secret Jungle