Cancun’s new general hospital scheduled to open in February 2016

Photo: Cancun's new general hospital is set to open in February 2016.

CANCUN, Q. Roo — With the support of President Enrique Peña Nieto and an investment of $158 million pesos (USD$9.2 million), Gov. Roberto Borge Angulo’s administration began the fifth and final stage of the new General Hospital in Cancun.

Borge Angulo said that the work is practically complete. After completing the fifth stage, the hospital will be ready in February, 2016.

The executive director explained that the total investment for the new hospital, which will have the capacity for 180 beds, will amount to $1 billion pesos (USD$58.5 million). The work will occupy 32,036 square meters of land and will benefit 830,463 residents.

The hospital will have 38 offices, 23 specialty clinics (for dysplasia, gynecology, early development, vasectomies, laser therapy, endoscopy, physical therapy, preventive medicine, dialysis and hemodialysis), a blood bank for blood transfusion and a clinical analysis laboratory.

“Upon entering the facility, a circle of care will be created for the patients of Lázaro Cárdenas, who will be able to attend to three times more patients than are currently being cared for at the hospital Jesús Kumate Rodríguez,” said Borge.

Photo: Cancun's new general hospital is set to open in February 2016.
Cancun’s new general hospital is set to open in February 2016.

Borge Angulo said that the hospital could also serve as lodging in the case of a natural disaster, because it was built to conform with the regulations for earthquakes, fires and hurricanes.

“Its main characteristic is the hospital’s ecological benefits. It was built with sustainable technology, walls that use plaster that does not need additional paint, impermeable roofs made from tire, natural lighting, LED lighting, smart tablets with energy-saving timers, installations which recycle rainwater and they plan to add solar panels,” he said.

The state Secretary of Health Juan Lorenzo Ortegón Pacheco, said that the new hospital will also have advanced diagnostic services for radiology, X-rays, ultrasound, densitometry, computerized axial tomography and MRI machines.

Lastly he explained that the surgical areas have smooth floors, walls and roofs so they will not accumulate moisture or mold. The walls are made with a special protective acoustic fibers which give the patients more privacy.