The National Chamber of Commerce Merida (Canacome) announced on Sunday December 6th that it will offer Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs or PyMES in Spanish) business opportunities of trade with Cuba. This liberalization is a consequence derived from the reset of relations with the United States and changes in their legislation.

Canacome’s president, Jose Manuel Lopez Campos, revealed that counselors at this business organization held a meeting with a trade delegation from Cuba led by the deputy minister of Tourism of the country, Mayra Alvarez, in which they exchanged points of view and detected niches of opportunity to introduce Yucatecan products and services.

Lopez Campos said, that Cuba is now demanding products such as clothing, footwear, food and beverages, as well as services and tourism, as a result of the trade liberalization sector, and Foreign Direct Investment is now permitted.

In that sense, he said, large companies have access to international trade with their own staff and marketing team, while the Small and Medium Enterprises (PyMEs) have the ability to open markets in other countries with their own resources, and that is where Canacome comes in as a channel of business opportunities to the different industries that are demanded in Cuba.

Progreso Port
Cuba is now demanding products such as clothing, footwear, food and beverages, as well as services and tourism (Photo: SIPSE)

Lopez Campos stated that during the meeting with the Cuban Minister, the diversity of products and services that Yucatan can export to the island were highlighted, as well as the willingness of the Cuban government to invest in our state.

He said that initiating trade relations with Cuba is a great opportunity for Yucatan to reach more markets with comparative advantages with other states in Mexico, such as geographic location and the Progreso port infrastructure. Yucatan’s coast is the closest mainland to Cuba, and therefore Progreso has the potential to become a major platform of bilateral trade with Cuba and other Caribbean islands.

He recalled that the former president of the Canacome, Jorge Manzanilla Perez, was recently named president of the Commission of Foreign Trade Mexico-Cuba, which is evidence of the importance of our state in terms of business and tourism with the island.

The Canacome president concluded that the chamber of commerce will help local entrepreneurs to take advantage of these new business opportunities, because even though they do not have the capital of large companies, they do have the initiative and the talent to be exporters.




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