Women in Mexico play an important role in the economy

In Mexico, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) the female population represents 51% of the total population and 43.5% of women over 14 are economically active, plus twenty-five out of every hundred households are headed by a woman.


Currently the gross rate of economic participation of women is 33%, against a rate of 67% in men, but it is noteworthy that in 1970 the participation of women in the labor market was only 17%.


The participation of women in the labor market has allowed an important social progress in helping to reduce gender inequality,  and promote social development, but there are still some barriers that prevent women from participate on an equal footing with men.


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Over time, women have made progress with respect to their rights and their role in society, but despite that still remains a marked difference in the way men and women participate in the various occupations and positions job.


According to the INEGI, “the occupational groups with more female presence for each one hundred men are personal services, followed by occupations related to education and administrative office work; in contrast, there are fewer women in activities such as transport operators, agricultural occupations, as well as protection and security.”


Due to the above, women in Mexico represent only 16% of the business sector, according to this institution, and those that are entrepreneurs or have their own businesses are mainly micro businesses.


An example of this is the Mexican Association of Women Entrepreneurs (AMMJE), in which 60% of the 4,500 members nationally have a small business, a small 30%, 7% a medium and only 3% a large one. Now with regard to entrepreneurship, only 2% of working women are entrepreneurial, against 6% of men.


It is also important to mention that according to a ProMexico article, women spend 70% of their profits to the community and the family, while men only spend between 30 % and 40 %.


47% of women state that their main motivation is to supplement household spending, whereas for 90% of the men the main motivation is to have a higher income than as an employee.


However, this study changes when we talk about companies with high potential and fast growing , because according to the study made by WEGrow : Unlocking the Growth potential of Women Entreprenewrs in Latin America and the Caribbean – by the Inter -American Development Bank – the main engine for high-impact women entrepreneurs is an opportunity rather than a necessity, since the study shows that 85 % of entrepreneurs who have had a sustained growth maintain their ambitions to continue to grow their business.

By Valeria Bigurra Peñavera for mexiconewsnetwork.com

Source: mexiconewsnetwork.com



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