Valladolid judge releases accused drug “mini-baron” on only $45 USD bond

Photo: Drugs confiscated in Valladolid.

With a bond of only $800 pesos (USD$45), a judge in Valladolid has released an accused drug dealer captured with 350 bags of cocaine, 115 bags of crack, 30 bags of crystal meth and a substantial amount of marijuana.

The accused drug dealer, Julian Cimé Hau, alias “El Koala,” was scheduled to face a preliminary hearing Friday Nov. 20 in Valladolid on charges of crimes against health by virtue of drug dealing and possession with intent to distribute.

Photo: Drugs confiscated in Valladolid.
Drugs confiscated in Valladolid.

Judge Manuel Jesús Soberanis Ramirez released Cimé Hau with the condition that he not leave Yucatan.

Police consider Cimé Hau to be a drug “mini-baron” in the eastern region of Yucatan.




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