Number of suicides keeps growing in Campeche

Number of suicides in Campeche keeps growing (

In 2015, 74 suicides have been reported in the state of Campeche, almost one month before the end of the year. That means the number is still 16 cases away from matching the historic annual figure of deaths from this cause, since 90 were recorded 2014. Only the municipality of Tenabo remains without any suicide so far in 2015.

Calkiní recorded its first suicide this year on Tuesday November 24, when 65 year old Fernando Haas Calan, alias “El Kaliman”, decided to hang himself from a mango tree.

With the death of Fernando Haas Calan, 60 men have decided to hang themselves either from a tree, a wooden beam, a window or a hammock hook. And only 14 women have taken their own life.

Number of suicides in Campeche keeps growing (
Number of suicides in Campeche keeps growing (

Out of these 74 suicides, 5 were minors, including a mentally ill child from the municipality of Candelaria who tried to kill himself twice before.

Five of these individuals shot themselves; two used poison, one man jumped in a water tank, and most recently, a 45-year-old woman who suffered from schizophrenia, set herself on fire within the premises of the Isla Aguada graveyard.

The city of Campeche reports a total of 25 suicides, 21 men and 4 women, of whom 24 hanged themselves and one was drowned; Ciudad del Carmen a total of 23 suicides, 15 men and 8 women; Champotón 10, 8 men and 2 women; Candelaria 7 (all men) including 5 hanged, one poisoned and one shot himself with a rifle.

In Hopelchén there have been 3 suicides; in Calakmul 2; in Escárcega 1; Palizada 1; and Calkiní 1, all of them were male and decided to kill themselves by hanging.

Source: Por Esto!