New downtown Merida convention center will help promote tourism

300615 LOCAL secretario de Turismo da a conocer los resultados de la actividad tur?stica en el per?odo enero-mayo de 2015. Foto Leslie Santos Bonillaa

The new convention center the Yucatan state government is planning in an area of ​​62nd Street between Colon and Cupules avenues will be the axis of the overall promotion and marketing of tourism destinations in Yucatan, said the state’s Secretary of Tourism Promotion, Saul Ancona Salazar.

So far, the planning of the functionality of the new building has made very good progress, but it still lacks the exterior design.

Interviewed in his office Tuesday Nov. 3, Ancona Salazar said the project is not just about seeing an attractive intelligent building, but it must meet the expectations of competition from other cities. And that has to do other factors that have recommended many voices, such as the business sector and civil society, who suggest improving the environment, mobility and urban development of the hotel zone.

Ancona also said that in the end this project will enhance local, national and international investment in this sector.

“What is the vision of this project?” he asked. “The vision here is not the building; the building is the axis that will move this whole area, but it goes beyond that. ”

“We will position Merida, Yucatan, as a competitive destination for business tourism, where what we sell will be the destinations of gastronomy, archaeological sites, haciendas, cenotes, places for social events and the fundamental values ​​of Yucatan and tranquility, social peace and bohemian people. All this is what we will sell abroad,” he added.

The state tourism secretary said he cares about details of functionality and operability, but also the convention center will be first class because the government has listened to experts in the field, local and national hotel executives dedicated to business tourism in the country and abroad.

Property on Calle 62, site for new Convention Center (Photo: Jose Avila)
Property on Calle 62, site for new Convention Center (Photo: Jose Avila)

He stressed that the new enclosure will not replace the XXI Century Center, nor will there be first and second class. Instead, both centers will be a strength for this segment because together Yucatan will offer over 20,000 square meters for events. They will permit Merida to come to the big leagues of this business in Mexico, such as Guadalajara, Monterrey, and Mexico City.

“We are in this very specific stage of what requirements need,” he said. “We are doing what is done in a house according to needs; first inward, then a nice facade to (the property) is functional and operational “.

“I will do the promotion with a view to 2016, until the end of this administration, everything will rotate according to the two centers and connectivity we have,” he explained.

The secretary predicted that this strategy and a budget to underpin Merida’s airline connectivity, will improve growth rates, which in this year exceeds 5% .

Regarding the new center’s name, Ancona Salazar, said “we are seeing the best strategy to have a name that is competitive in the market.”

He said “we are not going to risk having a local name, we like the Yucatan but unknown in the global market. You must be a name that carries weight in the national and international market. ”