Mexican President proposes measure to reduce greenhouse effect

COP21 is a new initiative to build climate resilience in the world’s most vulnerable countries.

“Mexico wants to impulse the initiative of setting a price on carbon, as the transition to a low use of that product is the responsibility of all governments, agencies and civil society”, said President Enrique Peña Nieto.

During the presentation of the Carbon Tax Initiative, the Mexican president said that setting a price for this compound is an effective measure to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and promote the use of cleaner fuels.

While moderating the second session of the 21 Conference of the Parties (cop21) of the Framework UN Convention on Climate Change, the Mexican president reiterated the position of the his government to join this initiative, which aims to reduce global carbon consumption and stabilize global temperatures.

President Peña explained that the main strategy is to establish a real carbon price to reduce consumption, encourage traders to invest in efficient processes that generate cleaner and sustainable energy.

The president explained that set amount to the compound is an effective measure to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases (Photo: Twitter)

The president of Mexico stressed that his country passed the tax on carbon emissions for those fossil fuels with higher natural gas emissions in 2013.

“This proposal is based on international best practices and applies to each type of fuel by specific carbon content, it aims at reducing carbon emissions and raising resources to promote action on climate change”, Peña Nieto concluded.


Source: Exclesior



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