Mayor Lionel Rosado Mena at work in Celestún (Photo:

A public official to be proud of, the Mayor of Celestun, Leonel Rosado Mena, was part of the municipal workers crews, that went out on Saturday November 7th, with the objective of cleaning up the streets of this port as part of the “Clean Up Celestun” municipal program.

Rosado Mena came up with an initiative called “Rescue the municipality”, implementing actions that encourage collaboration between citizenship, government and private sector.

This is the case of the “Clean Up Celestun” municipal program, that has been carried out since the early days of Rosado Mena’s administration and aims to create awareness among civilians and make the town of Celestún more visually attractive to tourists and locals alike.


Mayor Rosado Mena said in an interview with local newspaper “El Sol del Poniente” that it is his duty to join the city workers and citizens of Celestún so he can “lead by example”. He also mentioned that the people of Celestún need to be aware of the importance of tourism and prepare themselves to make this one of the main economic activities and sources of income for their society.

On Saturday November 7th, the working crew led by the mayor, took on the streets of Celestún with brooms, shovels, machetes and garbage bags in order to sweep and clean up the streets of the port.

Mayor Lionel Rosado Mena at work in Celestún (Photo:
Mayor Lionel Rosado Mena at work in Celestún (Photo:

Leonel Rosado Mena ended up the interview stating that Celestún needs to set an example for the younger generations, to make them aware of the great importance of tourism as an industry, and take that into consideration for the welfare of their hometown.





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