Long weekend in Merida brings fair, sales and holiday celebrations

Xmatkuil State Fair (Photo: Sipse)

As you probably know, this is a long weekend for all Mexicans, and therefore for all Yucatecans and expats living in the Peninsula.

The weekend kicks off with Friday 13th, a “horrific” date for many horror film fans, that mostly features cable TV marathons going from silent film “The Golem” all the way to Guillermo del Toro’s 2015 hit “Crimson Peak”, passing through classics like Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein, Bela Lugosi’s Dracula, Anthony Perkins’ Psycho, Linda Blair’s The Exorcist, Halloween, Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Scream, Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity, just to mention a few.

The Golem 1920 (Photo: themindreels.com)
The Golem 1920 (Photo: themindreels.com)

But today is also the grand opening of the annual Yucatan State Fair, better known locally as Xmatkuil; this major event takes place every year at the site of the same name.

So if you are planning to go, you may wish to consider attending the State Fair during this weekend, since it is well known that it is less crowded, and therefore a more pleasureable experience for the visitor. The fair grounds are open daily from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m.; addmission costs $20 pesos per person, parking costs $30 pesos per vehicle, and the fair includes more than 2,280 events and 1,150 exhibitors with livestock, agricultural products, crafts and other attractions.

Xmatkuil State Fair (Photo: Sipse)
Xmatkuil State Fair (Photo: Sipse)

But today, on Friday November 13th, is also the first day of “El Buen Fin” (Literally the “The Good End” but implying “The Good Weekend”); an annual nationwide shopping event in Mexico, in existence since 2011 and taking place in November during the weekend prior to the Monday in which the Mexican Revolution holiday is observed.

The holiday is pushed from its original date of November 20th, as a result of the measure taken by the government of pushing certain holidays to the prior or following Monday of their week in order to avoid workers and students making a ”larger” weekend (for example, not attending on a Friday after a Thursday holiday, thus making a 4-day weekend).

On this weekend, retailers extend their store hours and offer special discounts and promotions, including extended credit terms and bargain prices. It’s something like the Mexican equivalent to “Black Friday” but lasting 4 days instead of just 1.

buen fin online
El Buen Fin on www.amazon.com.mx

Now, if you`re a smart camper, you will avoid traffic, jammed parking lots, packed shopping malls and crowds roaming around department stores by taking advantage of “El Buen Fin Online”; websites such as Amazon.com.mx and Walmart.com.mx published their specials from the first minute of Friday November 13th, and all you need to do is surf their sites, select your items, and use your paypal account. The goods will be delivered to your door in the course of next week.

Now you know what’s in store for this long weekend in Merida.

Have a great weekend !!!

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