Gendarmería uniforms stolen from a laundry in downtown Merida

Federal Police in Yucatan and that they told him that they would absorb the cost of the stolen uniform (Photo: La Verdad de Yucatán)

A man stole uniforms of the “Gendarmería” when he took advantage of the laundry owner’s distraction.

On Tuesday November 24th, a man who prowled the entrance to the laundry, stole a bag with the dirty uniforms of the Federal Police Gendarmeria Division behind the counter, while the laundry’s owner, Rosa María Trejo Irigoyen, went to the back for a moment.

The laundry “La Fe,” located on Calle 61 (between 62 and 64), was the scene of this unusual theft: a package of dirty laundry, containing shirts and pants property of the Federal Police Gendarmeria Division, that the officers had left to wash just minutes earlier.

Rosa María Trejo declared that around 9 am, she noticed that a thin tall man lurking suspiciously at the door of her laundry, but did not pay attention. At one point, when she went to the back for a brief moment, she heard the neighbor across the street shouting that a man was stealing something.

The neighbor stated that the guy who was hanging around outside the laundry went straight to a linen package, grabbed it and ran away.

The woman said she went out on the street trying to look for the man, but was not able to spot him anywhere. She mentioned that dirty laundry had never been stolen from her business before.

The plastic bag contained several shirts and pants belonging to the “Gendarmería”. She could not tell exactly how many pieces were stolen,  because they charge by the kilo.

Federal Police in Yucatan and that they told him that they would absorb the cost of the stolen uniform (Photo: La Verdad de Yucatán)
Federal Police in Yucatan shown wearing uniforms of the type stolen. (Photo: La Verdad de Yucatán)

Trejo said she wonders why would anybody steal dirty police uniforms, but it is obvious that these can be used to commit illegal actions.

The laundry owner added that the uniforms had been delivered early in the morning by officers of the “Gendarmería”, so she left the package behind the counter, on top of other bags, to be washed later on that day.

The woman, anxious and nervous, told local newspaper “Por Esto” that she was on her way to the Public Ministry assigned to the Attorney General’s Office to report the theft.

Rosa Maria got in touch with the officer who had left the laundry, identified as Eleazar Madrigal Hidalgo, who told her the bag contained only one uniform. But, she would have to restore him the clothes or pay $3,000 pesos ($1,500 for the shirt and $1,500 for the pants), otherwise, the agent would sue.

However, the woman contacted the Federal Police in Yucatan and they told her that the agency would absorb the cost of the stolen uniform, plus she would not have any legal problem whatsoever.