Gendarmeria to help keep peace in Mexico’s most peaceful state

Photo: Convoy arrives in Cancun.

With its neighboring state of Quintana Roo wracked by a murder wave, Yucatan is about to witness the presence of 100 officers from the elite federal Gendarmeria Division, intending to help keep the peace in Mexico’s most peaceful state.

Meanwhile, 200 heavily armed Gendarmeria officers arrived in an armored convoy to Cancun this week to try to restore order in the crime-plagued resort.

The Gendarmeria is a new federal police force created last year by President Enrique Peña Nieto to crack down on organized crime throughout Mexico. Authorities are hoping that the Gendarmeria will be able to remain effective in the face of widespread corruption that has made other local law enforcement agencies impotent in combating organized crime.

Photo: Officer of federal Gendarmeria.
Officer of federal Gendarmeria.

The first contingent of 30 Gendarmeria officers has already arrived in the “White City”, and authorities say the others will soon take up posts in Merida, Progreso and Valladolid.

Merida, the state’s capital and site of 70 percent of its crime, will host the majority of the officers, who will be assigned to the Federal Police headquarters on Avenida Internacional. The others will be posted in Progreso, a major port city which has experienced drug-trafficking and homicides reportedly linked to organized crime; and Valladolid, which is close to the stateline with crime-plagued Quintana Roo.

In Yucatan, the Gendarmeria presence will reportedly concentrate mainly on prevention and intelligence to prevent the growth of crime cells in the state.

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