Federal Police in arrears to 201 hotels in Mexico’s crime hot spots

Photo: SIPSE.com Convoy arrives in Cancun.
Reinforcing security in troubled areas of Mexico comes at a cost — to hotel owners.

Documents obtained by El Universal reveal that the Federal Police, deployed to hot spots to bring law and order, haven’t paid the hotel bills for many of those officers going back as far as September last year.

The report suggests that 201 hotels in 22 states and the Federal District are on the brink of collapse, being owed more than 653 million pesos, or US $39 million, for accommodation and food.

Most of the hotels awaiting payment are in the states of México, Guerrero and Michoacán, where police have been sent to combat the violence created by criminal organizations fighting over territory.

Contingents of the elite Gendermeria, attached to the Federal Police, have recently been posted in Quintana Roo and Yucatan, where they are now staying in hotels.

Photo: SIPSE.com Officer of federal Gendarmeria.
Photo: SIPSE.com
Officer of federal Gendarmeria.

Sources at the National Security Commission confirmed the debts are owed and that they would be paid, but said administrative problems had delayed the payment process. Freeing the necessary resources is complex, they said, without being able to give an exact date as to when the payments might be made.

The federal government contracts with three travel agencies to handle bookings such as those of the Federal Police, and the contracts specify that services will be paid for within 15 working days.

A year later and the agencies and hotels are still waiting, despite making representations to the relevant federal agencies and Segob, the Interior Secretariat.

Source: mexiconewsdaily.com