Elite “gendarmerie” police force today hits the streets of Cancun

Photo: SIPSE.com Officer of federal Gendarmeria.

CANCUN, Q. Roo — As part of heightened security measures in Cancun, which is facing a murder wave this year, about 200 officers of the elite federal gendarmerie arrived Wednesday Nov. 11 on the Merida-Cancun highway.

The elements of the gendarmerie arrived in patrol cars and trucks, buses and trailers from the Federal Police, to which the gendarmerie is attached. The gendarmerie was created last year by President Enrique Peña Nieto as an elite force to combat organized crime throughout Mexico.

These actions were agreed upon at an inter-agency security meeting held Monday Nov. 9 in the town hall of Benito Juarez, with the participation of officials from the three levels of government.

One of the points discussed was the role to be played by the Army and Navy in operations that have been taking place in Cancun by the so-called Unified Police Command.

The “gendarmeria” arrived to Cancun on Wednesday November 11 (Photo: palco quintanarroense)

The gendarmerie will add to the police shield that has been implemented in northern Quintana Roo; yet it is not known how many policemen will be distributed in each municipality to try to keep the peace.

The state coordinator of the Federal Police in Quintana Roo, Commissioner Hector Gonzalez Valdepeña, is coordinating the police crackdown.

What is the gendarmerie?
This new police division is focused on protecting the country’s “production cycle” from the threats of organized crime; It consists of five thousand officers.

The gendarmerie’s instruction is to ensure the safety of people and goods in transit routes of supplies and goods, agricultural, fishery and forestry production and others that could be harmed by crime in rural and underserved areas; and assist local authorities in preventing the commission of crimes in order to support economic development.

Source: SIPSE



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