Deaths from dengue rise to three in Yucatan; three cases of zika confirmed in Mexico

Zika virus transmitted by Aedes Aegypti mosquitoe just like Chikungunya y dengue (Photo: notimundo)

The Federal Ministry of Health confirmed that a new death from hemorrhagic dengue has been registered in Yucatán this week, which makes three deaths from this disease in the state during 2015.

The number of deaths from the disease transmitted by the Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes is similar to that recorded at the end of 2014.

The first death recorded by health authorities was an 18-year-old native of Muna, who died last July. The second death was a one-month-old baby in the muncipality of Kanasín, in the outskirts of Merida.

For the sixth consecutive week, Yucatán continued in fifth place nationally, with 1,469 confirmed cases of dengue in 2015 with an increase of 54.6% compared to 2014 when it registered 950 cases for the same date. Of these 1,469 cases, 1,106 correspond to Dengue Fever (DF) and 363 are Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF).

According to the “Epidemiological Panorama of Dengue Fever and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever”, issued by the federal agency, up to Monday November 23rd (epidemiological week number 46),  23 people have died from this dangerous desease in the entire country.

Dengue Deaths in Mexico
Fatalaties by state:

  • Guerrero 10
  • Sonora 5
  • Oaxaca 4
  • Veracruz 4
  • Yucatán 3
  • Baja California Sur 1
  • Campeche 1
  • Chiapas 1
  • Quintana Roo 1
  • Colima 1

The country has confirmed 22,506 cases of dengue, a figure that represents 16.2% less than last year  in the same epidemiological week, in which there had been 26,853.

As published on The Yucatan Times just last week, the second dengue fatal case in the state was a one month old infant in Kanasín. Earlier in July, an 18 year old from Muna died of the same desease. On the third fatal case, the state Health Department has not provided any official report yet.

The National Epidemiological Surveillance System (MOH) of the Federal Ministry of Health revealed that at regional level, Yucatán is the state with the greatest number of cases, with 52.3 percent of the total, followed by Quintana Roo, with 31.9 per cent and Campeche, with 15.7 percent.


Mexico’s Secretariat of Health officially confirmed the first three cases of Zika fever in Mexico.

This desease, that recently arrived to Mexico and is also transmitted by mosquitoes, causes fever, conjunctivitis, transient arthritis / arthralgia and maculopapular rash that often starts on the face.

The first case was detected in Quéretaro, Central Mexico. The victim is a young man who contracted Zika on a trip to Colombia. The other two cases were registered in Nuevo León and Chiapas. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that National Health authorities have not issued any details regarding these fatal cases so far.

Zika virus transmitted by Aedes Aegypti mosquitoe just like Chikungunya y dengue (Photo: notimundo)
Zika virus transmitted by Aedes Aegypti mosquito just like chikungunya y dengue. (Photo: notimundo)





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