Arrests of alleged Cancun drug kingpin and police officer could expose more corruption

Photo: (clockwise from left) Rivero Matos, Sosa Luna and Franco Franco.

CANCUN, Q. Roo — The arrests Wednesday Nov. 25 of the reputed leader of the Cancun Cartel and an officer of the Cancun Municipal Police on drug charges could expose widespread corruption in the police force and also unleash a power struggle for control of the tourist resort’s lucrative street-level drug trade.

With the arrest of Oscar Alejandro Rivero Matos, (alias) “Pipo or Uno”, 29, authorities have culminated a months-long investigation that they say has resulted in apprehension of top members of the self-named Cancun Cartel.

In addition to hotel zone drug sales, the criminal group allegedly led by Rivero Matos purportedly was involved in extortion of downtown shops, kidnappings and executions, according to the Quintana Roo State Attorney General.

This criminal group has alleged responsibility in the killing of Ezequiel Gonzalez Martinez, last July 22, who sold drugs for his uncle Zacarias Gonzalez Gutierrez (a) “Skiny”, facts settled in 4254/2015 Preliminary Investigation, the agency said.

Arrested last July 29 were Elizabeth Morcate Verdecia (alias) “La Guera”, “La Tapatia”, “La Cubana” or “Licenciada Paredes”; Rogelio Martinez Vazquez and Tonatiu Arand Ortega, who reportedly admitted involvement in the killing and said they were acting on orders from Rivero Matos.

The state attorney, who said Rivero Matos’s capture was due to an exhaustive investigation by agents of the Judicial Police, confirmed he was detained along with two others, when circulating in the Boulevard Luis Donaldo Colosio, near the entrance of the delegation of Alfredo V. Bonfil, in a blue Ford Ka SUV, license plates USU-877-B of Quintana Roo.

Those arrested were identified by the State Attorney as:

Oscar Alejandro Rivero Matos (a) “Pipo or Uno”, 29, a native of Valladolid, Yucatan, occupation drug dealer for his group called Cartel of Cancun.

Angel Eliseo Sosa Luna, 22, originally from Cancun, Quintana Roo, occupation drug dealer for the so-called Cartel of Cancun.

Juan Bernardo Franco Franco, 29, a native of Villa Guerrero, State of Mexico, occupation officer of Municipal Public Security Police.

Photo: (clockwise from left) Rivero Matos, Sosa Luna and Franco Franco.
(clockwise from left) Rivero Matos, Sosa Luna and Franco Franco.

The arrests led to confiscation of two handguns, one 9mm and the other .38 caliber, and 130 plastic bags reportedly containing marijuana.


From the ranks of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat operated Juan Bernardo Franco Franco, linked to drug trafficker Oscar Alejandro Rivero Matos (a) “Pipo” and / or “One”.

In the first interview, Franco Franco declined to give exact details of what his role was within the “Cancun Cartel”, which is already under investigation to see if there are more police officers involved.

Franco Franco said he already had some time in the ranks of the municipal police, however, he refused to say what his role was within the “Cancun Cartel” criminal group that tried to consolidate their power by selling drugs, kidnappings and executions.

Although they tried to get more information and even ask if other police elements were involved with the criminal group, Franco Franco declined to give details.

State authorities said that until Thursday afternoon, Franco Franco has not surrendered his statement, but they expected that during the course of the night or early morning to obtain a complete statement.

Similarly, the authorities stated that Thursday afternoon they were still waiting for the Municipal Public Security Secretariat to report on the facts, to thereby confirm that the subject worked in the agency, in which sector and how long he had been in the police .

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