Annual Izamal festival mixes bullfighting and religious devotion

IZAMAL — As part of the celebrations in honor of the Virgin of Immaculate Conception, the venerated image was lowered from its nave Sunday morning Nov. 29 in Izamal.

Dozens of families gathered in the parish of San Antonio de Padua to witness the formal start of the festival with the Coronation of the Virgin by Friar Antonio Gamez Martinez.

Upon entering the church, the image was received with applause, blue and white balloons, Marian chants and cheers.

The celebration in honor of the patron saint of Yucatan, which continues through Dec. 13, was joined in by the guilds. Minutes before 10am Sunday the Workers, Young Ladies and Women entered the church, after a Mass was celebrated and the Rosary was said.

Many foreign tourists who were in the courtyard of the church took the opportunity to pose near the pavilions for souvenir photograph.

At 4 p.m. Monday Nov. 30, the celebration was to be joined by the Guilds of Gentlemen and Young Ladies, Faith, Hope and Charity.

Photo: Diario de Yucatan Young women in traditional costumes participated in Izamal's vaqueria festival.
Photo: Diario de Yucatan
Young women in traditional costumes participated in Izamal’s vaqueria festival.

The arena has been inaugurated, and the bullfighting team performed the procesion to formally start the bullfights, in which eight bulls from the ranch of Santa Maria Chocholá were fought.

Monday Nov. 30 there was to be a bullfighting competition among the ranches Santa María, El Retoño, Rancho Negro, Dzitox in the Guanajuato style, with musical performance by the banda group Revolución.

The arena construction was supervised by the staff of the Municipal Civil Protection Unit in order to prevent accidents.

Source: Diario de Yucatan