15% tax on solar panel imports to Mexico will not stop growth of photovoltaic market

Solar Energy Panels (Photo: Google)

Despite the displeasure generated by the application of a 15 percent tariff on imports of solar panels to Mexico, the National Solar Energy Association (ANES) said that this measure of fiscal regulation does not stop the growth of the photovoltaic market in the country, as the Mexican Solar Energy Association (Asolmex) claimed.

On the contrary, it represents an opportunity to stabilize the domestic production of solar energy to a market of electricity generation from renewable sources that have not yet matured, said ANES Executive President Sergio Arnaud.

“Tariffs are always generated by the government so there is not unfair competition, so the tariff at precisely that time is affecting mainly integrators and developers with an increase in the price. Perhaps it is discouraging the solar industry,” he said.

Solar Energy Panels (Photo: Google)
Solar Energy Panels (Photo: Google)

Recently, the Tax Administration Service (SAT) decided to reclassify the tariff criteria of solar panels, going from zero to a tariff of 15 percent. As part of Mexico’s climate commitments, it was suggested that by 2030, 35 percent of the energy consumed in the country will come from renewable sources like solar or wind, so the new tax burden for the import of solar panels could prevent the achievement of that goal.

“In all honesty you cannot say that a measure like this determines that the climate goals will not be met. I think the important thing is to defend the sustainability scheme,” Arnaud concluded.


Source: http://thenews.mx/