Yucatan goes after four awards in tourism magazine contest

Surely tourism in Yucatan is experiencing a high moment, as it is recognized as one of the best destinations in Mexico. But it lacks the backing of turisteros, visitors and Yucatecans to have such accreditation.

The prestigious tourism magazine Food and Travel included Yucatan this year in the catalog of the best destinations in the country and nominated it for awards in four of its eight categories. These are:  Merida Gourmet as best culinary destination; Yucatan as best tourist destination; Rosas & Xocolate hotel, best urban hotel in the interior of the country, and Xixim hotel, best ecological hotel in the country.

The nomination by itself in the virtual competition will promote Yucatan because thousands of “netizens” will vote for the nominees, and if they win they expect their prestige will take off like “wildfire.”

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“Last year San Miguel de Allende won, which had been stuck, and today it is a recognized destination in the world,” said Vice President of Tourism of the Chamber of Commerce of Merida, Carol Kolozs Fischer, owner of Rosas and Xocolate hotel.

Canacome leader Jose Manuel Lopez Campos, said that Yucatan is in the world’s gaze with this nominación.

Steps to Vote:

Netizens should enter the following:  foodandtravel.mx/awards.

After accessing the portal you must write the voter’s name and email address; then you have to answer a survey on Yucatan tourism Yucatan and click “send”.

Votes needed

Yucatan needs more than 200,000 votes in the magazine page to aspire to titles.


Source: Diario de Yucatan