“Virgin Water”: Wine made ​​with organic honey in the Yucatan Peninsula

Agripino Rodríguez Morales (Photo: SIPSE)

The name of the wine is SUJUYJA’ (virgin water), and is the only product made with this sweetener in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Agripino Martinez Morales is a honey producer from the community of “Buena Esperanza” (Good Hope) in Bacalar, who sells his product abroad. Yet 25 % of the honey collected did not meet international standards of quality to be sold, which is why he decided to create his own table wine made ​​with organic honey.

Vino miel
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In 2011 Martinez Morales began with the tests to develop the formula of the wine. After taking a course in Villahermosa, Tabasco, with Dr. José Luis Reyes, an adviser of the winemaker of “Pedro Domecq”, he was finally able to consolidate the formula that makes his wine.

The entrepreneur started with a production of 40 liters. Two years later he increased it to 400 liters. Currently he has two thousand liters of organic honey in fermentation, which must then undergo various processes.

Agripino Rodríguez Morales (Photo: SIPSE)
Agripino Rodríguez Morales (Photo: SIPSE)

The National Institute of Social Economy (INAES) benefited Agripino with a support of MX $310,000 pesos (around US $18,400), which allowed him to acquire the first elements he required to keep his honey canned for a year – the time required for the product to complete the fermentation process.

Agripino Martinez says his plan for the future is to stop selling honey to companies and devote all production to the production of his wine, as the profits are higher, and it has been well received by consumers.

Currently SUJUYJA’ wine is sold in some retail establishments in Chetumal and Cancun, with a cost of $120 Mexican pesos (around US $7) per bottle.


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