Entrance to "El Santuario" real estate development under construction in Komchen, Yuc. (Photo: Google)

The urban sprawl of ​​Merida has reached the neighboring municipalities of Conkal, Kanasín and Uman with affordable housing subdivisions and is spreading toward Progreso with new residential areas and luxury establishments.

The president of the National Chamber of Industry Development and Promotion of Housing (Canadevi) in Yucatan, Carlos Viñas Heredia, said that based on the Association of Banks of Mexico, this year an average of 2,900 residential houses will be built both vertically and horizontally in Merida, similar to last year’s figure, and that the annual report of the growth of this category is 3 percent.

He added that most of the residences are built along the way that goes from Dzityá to Cholul, belonging to Merida, and then move towards Progreso.

Construction work in Komchen, Yuc. (Photo: Google)
Construction work in Komchen, Yuc. (Photo: Google)

He added that projects are preparing to build 5,000 to 7,000 homes for the affluent; Additional sites with utilities are offered as places where anyone can build a house. Viñas Heredia said that to acquire these properties buyers can access bank loans for amounts of $4 million pesos (USD$240,000) on average.

For his part, the national vice president of Canadevi, Carlos Medina Rodriguez, said by 2016 12 residential housing developments are proposed to the north of the city, each between 40 and 45 residences. Costs range between $1.5 and $6 million pesos (USD$90,000 – $361,000).

“Merida already overflowed and we are now seeing developments in Cholul, Conkal, in the area of ​​City Center and Altabrisa plazas, with an exponential growth of residential housing. but there we do not have a count because there is nobody to analyze it, as happens with affordable housing. In this area there is no control to know precisely how many are built,”explained Medina Rodriguez.

Entrance to "El Santuario" real estate development under construction in Komchen, Yuc. (Photo: Google)
Entrance to “El Santuario” real estate development under construction in Komchen, Yuc. (Photo: Google)

Meanwhile, the delegate of the Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers (Infonavit), Miguel Enriquez Lopez said that this year plans call for building 6,000 affordable housing units to the suburbs of Merida with the municipalities of Uman, Kanasín and Conkal, of which in 2015 the closure of 2,000 homes will be completed, and the other 4,000 will be added in January and February 2016.

“These houses are for the metropolitan area of ​​Mérida, it is important to mention that 75 percent of the credits granted by Infonavit are for this region encompassing Uman, Kanasín and Caucel City, belonging to Merida, and also Conkal,” Enriquez Lopez said.

In communities in the north of Merida the sale of land has become an activity that leaves substantial profits for their owners, because the price of land has increased.

In the towns of Chablekal, Xcanatún, Tixcuytun, Xcunyá and Komchén, among others, a large number of ejido land or private property are for sale, most as a result of housing developments that have been built, educational institutions that have established and other projects that are underway.

La Rejoyada, real estate development in Sierra Papacal (Google)
La Rejoyada, real estate development in Sierra Papacal (Google)

Government authorities also have built avenues, sidewalks, street lighting, drainage and other actions that are changing the face of the northern Merida communities that until recently were considered marginalized areas.

Source: Sipse