These are Times for Relaxation

The Yucatan Peninsula is a place where relaxation takes on a whole new meaning.

From the beautiful walled city of San Francisco de Campeche, through the different Yucatecan haciendas that have been transformed into luxury spas, the fabulous boutique hotels in Mérida, to the most exclusive worldclass resorts in the Riviera Maya, our beautiful peninsula offers the best places for relaxation for body and soul.
If you arrive on a cruiser to the port of Progreso, you must visit the beautiful emerald beaches of Yucatan where you can receive a relaxing massage that will make you experience the hospitality of our people in a different dimension.

If you look for relaxation for your mind, all you have to do is lie down in a Yucatecan hammock, on a quiet afternoon, overlooking the ocean, or maybe a ceiba or a flamboyan tree, to be transported to a level of consciousness in which the problems of everyday life simply fade away.

If you feel you have stress in your life, the solution is to visit Yucatan.




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