Every year, Nashville opens its heart to the children of Isla Mujeres in what has become a perfect combination of good times and goodwill.  For nearly a decade, The Island Time Music and Fishing Fest has given music lovers and fishing enthusiasts the opportunity to interact with talented writers and performers under the welcoming skies of Mexico’s best kept secret—the island community of Isla Mujeres.

For six days next February, attendees will enjoy world class performances daily in intimate venues across the island, with unparalleled access to the artists. Fishermen will take to the neighboring waters in pursuit of migrating sailfish and top honors in an organized fishing tournament.

Best of all, proceeds from the week’s activities—and the accompanying online auction—benefit the operations of the island’s Little Yellow Schoolhouse and its service to local, special needs children.


Year after year, multiple renowned musicians join us in supporting our cause by bringing you some of the best entertainment in the world.

The festival revolves around five days of live music and entertainment by nationally known singer/songwriters and musicians. These intimate performances have been a highlight of the tournament over the past seven years.

Attendants will be able to enjoy meeting and hearing the story behind many hit songs!



Isla Mujeres is a fisherman and fun lover’s dream. Each winter the sailfish arrive en masse to the beautiful clear waters of this island paradise.

The Island Time Music Festival hosts one of the best Fishing Tournaments that Isla sees all year! It is the perfect tournament to show your angling skills and enjoy world class entertainment all while helping a great cause.



As we already mentioned, all of the proceeds from the Island Time Music Fest goes towards the Little Yellow School House, providing services, free of charge, to special needs children on Isla Mujeres.


Source: http://www.islandtimemusicfest.com/



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