Telephone extortion cases on the rise in Merida

Photo: State Police

Reports of extortion in downtown Merida are on the rise, with the Municipal Police receiving between five to six complaints of this crime per week, said the director of the Municipal Police, Mario Romero Escalante.

The police chief said that of the total number of calls on average only a couple of them achieved the level of telephone extortion with a first payment, for which the victims disburse up to one thousand pesos, without reaching the other demands.

He said that the data that local police have are from entrepreneurs or citizens who live in the historic center of Merida.

“In the city center there’s an average of five or six reports a week, but fortunately the payment does not often occur because many people already know it is a hoax and alert the 066, so it is very important that they alert the authorities,” he said.

Photo: State Police
Photo: State Police

Escalante Romero said that victims who reported the crime only made a first payment, since after reporting the crime to authorities they have been able to prevent this crime continuing to affect them.

“Reports of the municipal police show that people who have been victims of these virtual attacks have deposited amounts less than those sought by extortionists,” he said.

He said this is mainly because many business people and citizens no longer fall into the game of telephone extortionists, so they are already taking the necessary precautions.

Ways to counter crime
“People know what is fraud, many people already know and are reporting this to stop such attacks via telephone, so they are helping to combat this crime,” he said.

Mario Romero said that the main measure to prevent telephone extortion is to hang up immediately, and not answer any call back, and report every attempt to 066.

“The main measure to prevent telephone extortion is the complaint, so we welcome reports of any attempted extortion through 066 immediately to inhibit this crime,” he said.

Source: Milenio Novedades



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