State Health Secretary refused to talk about Chikungunya

On Thursday October 1, Jorge Mendoza Mézquita, State Health Secretary, refused to give any statements regarding the increasing number of chikungunya cases, as in his opinion there were more important issues to talk about, such as the changes in the cabinet of Governor Rolando Zapata Bello.

Also, despite the criticism in his management at the head of the agency for its lack of prevention related to dengue and chikungunya, the official said he would work with “greater conviction” in seeking the welfare of the Yucatan.

Mendoza Mézquita told the press emphatically: “Let’s talk about today’s topic (the speech by Governor Rolando Zapata Bello),”  as he evaded the questions made regarding health issues.

Jorge Mendoza Mezquita
Jorge Mendoza Mezquita

On September 28 the State Secretary announced that the state of  Yucatan ranked sixth nationally in cases of chikungunya. However, he demerit any criticism of his management .

“Real evaluations have to be made away from the historic moment,” said the official who concluded that hard work and courage are needed for better results.