SITUR public transport to add 59 new vehicles in Merida

Governor Rolando Zapata verifies one of the new units (Photo: Sipse)

For the benefit of Merida public transport users, 59 additional new vehicles will soon join three main routes: Circuito Colonias, Circuito Hospitales and the east side of the city, reported the State Director of Transport, Humberto Hevia Jiménez.

The official said that a month and a half after the implementation of the new Situr system, “it is fullfilling the goal of making citizens reach their destination quickly, comfortably and safely; reducing their travel time and meeting road safety requirements.”

“This year, with the addition of 81 new units our users ride the bus in a more comfortable way, and with the intense training we gave to operators, the treatment is more pleasant and user-friendly”.

The program offers four routes: Santa Gertrudis Copó, Metropolitano, Circuito Poniente Plazas y Circuito Poniente Universidades.

In the case of the last mentioned route, the Government of Yucatan official said that university students have a service that allows them to optimize the time to get to their campuses.

Therefore, students, people with disabilities and senior citizens are encouraged to visit the Situr center, located on the corner of Calle 39 and Reforma Avenue (where the Ministry of Public Security used to be), to process their credentials Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm, and Sundays from 8 to 12.

Governor Rolando Zapata verifies one of the new units (Photo: Sipse)
Governor Rolando Zapata verifies one of the new units (Photo: Sipse)

On another issue, Hevia Jimenez declared that for the 2015 Xmatkuil State Fair, operations with the Bus Drivers Alliance are being planned in order to increase frequencies and schedules so users can reach the venue as soon as possible.



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