Pope John Paul II’s relics to be displayed in Merida starting Oct. 3

Relics of the the man called “The Travelling Pope”,  John Paul II, will be brought Saturday Oct. 3 to the city of Mérida and will be the focus of a week of special events centered on the pope’s life.

The relics, which include a drop of his blood inserted into a crucifix and his image, will be open for public viewing until Sunday Oct. 11 at the Temple of Our Lady of Consolation (Temple of the Nuns) in downtown Merida.

Pope John Paul II’s relics

The rector of the temple, Marcin Pawel Czyz SDS, announced the visit of the relics of the pope of Polish origin, who during his papacy visited the state of Yucatan in August 1993, one reason why his image is still very venerated by the inhabitants of the state.

Pope John Paul II

The relics, which are coming from a church in Campeche and whose authenticity was certified by authorities of the Vatican, will be reason for veneration, ecclesiastical days of orations and ceremonies, in addition of which there will be an encounter and concerts, Father Marcin said.


The reception of the relics of Juan Pablo II will be in the park of the Industrial Colony and there will be prayer of the Crown to the Divine Mercy, said the priest, who will celebrate with the Eucharist.


Among the week’s events, there will be the showing of a film about John Paul’s life on October 6th at 7:30 pm.

During the stay of the relics, the Temple of the Nuns will also host a series of special events throughout the week.

Source:  TYT Newsroom




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