Mexico hosts Open Government Partnership Global Summit

Mexico City is currently hosting the 2015 Open Government Partnership (OGP) global summit, October 28 and 29, with 66 countries in attendance. The theme of the summit is, “An opening for all: Open government as an enabler of sustainable development.”

The summit involves representatives of strategic partners from multilateral agencies, civil society organizations belonging to the OGP, parliamentarians from around the world, and mayors and representatives from academia and the private sector.

Mexico has presided over the Directive Committee of the OGP since October 2014 and for this reason was the country responsible for organizing this edition of the global summit.

Over four plenary sessions and more than 120 thematic sessions, panels, workshops and exhibitions, the global summit of the OGP reflects how the principles of open government can promote the achievement of the objectives in the recently adopted Sustainable Development Agenda for 2030.


The agenda seeks to promote inclusion and consolidate citizen participation, allowing states and civil society representatives to exchange good practices and discuss the challenges around the implementation of the principles of open government.

The Open Government Partnership is a multilateral initiative with 66 member countries that aims to transform the relationship between government and civil society.