Mérida: Haven for foreigners from many nations

Photo: SIPSE.com

Reports from accredited consulates in Mérida show that about 10,000 foreigners are living temporarily in this city and come from some 12 nations, said Mario Ancona Teigell, honorary consul of France who coordinates the local consular corps.

He added that to this figure must be added the other citizens of those countries who are established elsewhere in Yucatan.

He also said that only 50 percent of foreign tourists and residents in the capital have reported to their consulates.

The rest do not do so for various reasons. There are those who want no part of their governments; they fear the bother for tax issues or other official matters.

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(Photo: Fidel Interian Jimenez / Diario de Yucatan)

Interviewed at City Hall, during a visit to Mayor Mauricio Vila Dosal, Ancona Teigell said ideally consuls know these citizens and know their domiciles and are in contact with them to assist them promptly in emergencies or problems they have, especially if they are older adults.

In Merida there are business interests and educational agreements with other countries

Consular representatives accredited in this city are from Germany, Belize, Cyprus, Cuba, Spain, Luxembourg, France, USA, Belgium, Korea, Honduras and Greece.

Source: Diario de Yucatan