Flooding closes roads and schools in Quintana Roo

CHETUMAL, Q. Roo. — Incessant rains overwhelmed the roads in the Quintana Roo state capital of Chetumal, where streets and avenues closed by flooding multiplied in different areas.

Consequently the Ministry of Education and Culture (SEyC) suspended classes in basic, intermediate and advanced levels in Othon P. Blanco and Bacalar.

Jaime Villasano Espejo, chief meteorologist of the State Coordination of Civil Protection, reported that Monday Oct. 19 there will be a decrease in the amount of rainfall caused by the cloud bands generated by the remnants of Tropical Wave Number 44, located in the Campeche coast.

Due to the forecast, the SEyC in conjunction with the municipal authorities of Othón P. Blanco and Bacalar decided to suspend school activities in public and private schools, both city and rural communities.

Official reports indicated 52.2 millimeters of rain had fallen by 8:00 a.m. on Sunday.

Because of the rain that fell on Sunday, which was higher than reported, soak pits and stormwater drains in the state capital were insufficient, as most of the streets had flooding height of 10 centimeters, while in others the water level depth exceeded one meter.

In the Flamboyanes neighborhood, several trees fell due to softening of the ground, and in the nearby Ecological Park, a warning about a crocodile that lives there led to permanent patrols, including military personnel, to locate the animal and avoid any incident with residents of the area.

The ADO Bus Terminal flooded, and Sunday afternoon travelers had to be accommodated outside the facility.

Source: SIPSE