Do you know what’s scary? The large number of dogs that live on the streets of Mérida

You know what’s scary? The large number of dogs that live on the streets of Mérida which don’t have a home, or even worst, could have been abandoned by their owners.

Chaotic urban arrangement (so common in all of Mexico) and overpopulation of humans have already led to equally enormous population of stray dogs nationwide, and not only in Mexico, but in a majority of cities around the world.

A dog that is out on its own causes all kinds of negative situations; it can cause a collision when it runs on the road, which might even result in injury to other people or to itself.

Stray dogs tend to defile and sully due to the fact that no one is available to look after them. Such dogs might develop the liking to hunt and might ramble into other pets (or people) and might even harm other domestic animals in rural areas. When a stray dog meanders into a farm land and causes harm to livestock, chances are that the farmer might shoot it.

Street dogs are fond of  opening garbage bin bags  and scatter trash all over a  property or street, and they  can swallow a piece of glass  or metal that can cause its  death.

Not all dogs are friendly with humans and so there are chances that someone might get bitten if the stray dog is not controlled.
Stray dogs in Merida often prefer to roam in packs resulting in superfluous and redundant puppies.

They tend to bark and howl, especially when they are involved in a fight with other dogs which regularly and perpetually happens during mating.

Street dogs might spread Rabies, a deadly disease that can be easily communicated and passed on to human beings. Even though the last time a case of Rabies was registered in the state of Yucatán was in 2006, according to María Guadalupe López Huerta, Infectologist Chief of Epidemiology of the  Regional Hospital “1° de Octubre” in Mérida, Yucatán; Rabies is causing more number of human deaths every year in other countries such as India, and the count is increasing year after year.

Female stray dogs need to be spay and neuter primarily in order to prevent the birth of more puppies and stop the appalling suffering experienced by these poor little animals that come into this world without absolutely nobody to care or look after them.


So, if you want to contribute to this cause, don’t miss this year’s Halloween Party to raise funds for spaying and neutering dogs and cats of the Yucatan.

Money raised will be going to three local animal groups: Evolucion Animal (Merida), No Mas Perritos (Chelem), and Programa Animales Al Rescate (Telchac Puerto). The money raised will only be used for Sterilization.

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