Chikungunya mosquitos prey on women more than men

It’s official: the mosquito that transmits chikungunya and dengue bites women more frequently than men.

Unfortunately for females in Yucatan, the Aedes aegypti mosquito is attracted to them more than men, as demonstrated by the number of cases of the two diseases reported to authorities.

For example, of chikungunya cases reported in Yucatan through Oct. 10, 2015, 636 victims were women, while 279 were men, according to Mexico’s Secretary of Health.

As for dengue cases reported in Yucatan, 611 women and 369 men have fallen victim to this illness during the first 40 weeks of 2015.

Mosquitoes like them better. Image: Diario de Yucatán printed edition

Statistics provided by the National System of Epidemiological Vigilance also indicate that Yucatan has climbed one notch to third place among Mexico’s 32 states in the number of dengue cases. The state continues to occupy fifth place in the number of chikungunya cases.

Authorities continue to urge Yucatan residents to prevent the multiplying of mosquitos by emptying all standing water in their residences. Also recommended is use of mosquito repellent whenever going out.

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