Cancun’s airport: technological solutions for a better passenger experience

CANCUN, Q. Roo — One of the most transited airports in Mexico, the Cancun International Airport, underwent a serious makeover in the technological area in order to provide its 18 million passengers with a better experience, with the installation of self-service technology systems, as well as space and resource optimization to give passengers better and quicker mobility.

Cancun’s airport operator, ASUR turned to technological solutions from SITA passenger management, airport operations to improve their passenger’s experience and manage peaks of passenger traffic efficiently, especially during high seasons where number of passengers reach 800,000.

The airport’s renovation program upgraded the passenger management platform to SITA AirportConnect Open, which uses common-use self-service (CUSS) kiosks. The SITA platform permits airlines to easily operate at the destination and they can also share check-in areas, kiosks and boarding areas.



These measures are necessary to the increasing number of passengers. “We face increasing passenger numbers each year and it is vital that we have the most efficient, reliable and future-proofed technology so that we manage that growth… As we grow we are confident that SITA will help us deliver their vision of the airport of the future and ensure that visitors to Cancun enjoy a smart, intelligent and connected airport.” said Adolfo Castro Rivas, CEO/CFO, ASUR, quoted in an article by International Airport Review.

Currently there are 80 self-service and 375 workstations in operation, in addition there are nine self-service gates awaiting the installation process. Besides this, the flight information displays have been also updated by SITA.

With all these technologies, Cancun International Airport is heading to a bright future, and will have more reasons to attract visitors to this beautiful Mexican Caribbean destination.





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