Beautiful catrinas add spice to Day of the Dead — Which is your favorite?

Mexico and Yucatan this weekend celebrate the mixture of life and death with fantastical observances of Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

What would this wonderful custom be without the beautiful catrinas?

The origins of the catrinas’ tradition of wearing elaborate makeup and costumes can be traced to the famous Mexican cartoonist and caricaturist José Guadalupe Posada. His drawings made fun of the rich and powerful classes, whom he depicted in costumes and makeup similar to those worn by today’s catrinas.

Here The Yucatan Times offers for your consideration a few examples of more elaborate disfraces (disguises) adopted by participants in this celebration.

¿Qual es su favorita? (Which one is your favorite?)

Photos of catrinas from Instagram and Pinterest.

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