Authorities shut down road-building activity in Celestun mangroves

CELESTUN — Mexican environmental authorities have closed down road-building activity on private land consisting of mangroves in the Celestun Biosphere Reserve area.

An inspection by the federal Office of the Judge Advocate General of Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) found an area of 1,152 square meters where road-building activities and elimination of coastal scrub vegetation, including white and botoncillo mangroves, were taking place.

Authorities said the activity was taking place without required permits for change of forest land and ground use from the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT).

Because the construction activity lacked the necessary permits that SEMARNAT emits, PROFEPA inspectors came to close the site as a safety measure and stopped all activity there.

Photo: PROFEPA Authorities shut down a road-building activity in Celestun.
Authorities shut down a road-building activity in Celestun. (Photo: PROFEPA)

Mangroves are a federally protected species due to danger to disappear by different activities that affect their habitat.

Mexican law provides for stiff fines for non-permitted development on protected forest lands along with closing down the non-permitted activity.

While the road-building and mangrove-clearing activity apparently was related to a development project, The Yucatan Times was not able to immediately identify a company involved. The news release issued Thursday Oct. 1 by PROFEPA did not provide any more information.

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