Yucatán leads Mexico in HIV cases

Photo: peopledaily.com

The state of Yucatán has the most HIV cases nationwide and is fifth among the 32 Mexican states in the highest percentage of AIDS, according to figures from the National Center for the Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS (CENSIDA).

During the last thirty years there have been 174,564 AIDS cases reported in Mexico.

In 2013, 5,100 HIV cases and 5,567 AIDS cases were reported, giving a total of 10,536 infected people, while in 2014 there were a total of 9,573 new cases (HIV/AIDS), according to the CENSIDA.

In the list of states with the highest percentage of HIV at the national level are: Yucatán (12.5%), Quintana Roo (12%), Campeche (12%), Tabasco (9.7%) and Oaxaca (9%).

Photo: peopledaily.com
Photo: peopledaily.com

Meanwhile, the states with the highest percentage of AIDS are Campeche (16.7%), Guerrero (10%), Quintana Roo (8.6%), Chiapas (8.4%) and Yucatán (8.4%).

In Mexico, men represent a higher incidence of reported AIDS cases and HIV than women. Men account for 82%, or 143,186 cases.

In 2013, 89,410 of patients with HIV and AIDS were receiving antiretroviral therapy (medication that prevent the virus from multiplying in the body) and 57,073 of them were attended by the Ministry of Health.


Source:  Yucatan al Minuto