Yucatan among the 10 states with most suicide cases

International Day for Suicide Prevention was conmemorated on September 10, and State Health authorities announced they are working in coordination with hospitals and private clinics, to detect and prevent suicide attempts.

Manuel Ruiz Mendoza, deputy director of Mental Health, explained that the state government must pay attention to this issue as it is estimated that there are 10 attempts for every person who commits suicide. In addition, attempts have been reported in children under 10 years.

Yucatan is among the 10 states with the most suicide cases in the country. In 2014, 71 suicides were reported in Yucatan, (57 were men and 14 women). This means that 710 attempts occurred.


This year, the figure has surpassed 2014, with a total of 80 people that have taken their own life, 66 men and 14 women, so the number of attempts would be of 800. Out of these 80, 75 have come by way of hanging, one gun shot, one by drowning, two by consuming poison and one more through medication overdose.

With this new coordination between health authorities and private sector, the number of reports of attempted suicide cases is expected to increase up to three times, since currently only state hospitals and health centers figures are being handled.

Source: La Verdad de Yucatán