Totally skinned alligator encountered off coast near Progreso

Skinned gator Photo: Progreso Hoy

DZILAM DE BRAVO — Alleged alligator poachers were reported by fishermen from this Yucatan port, after about two miles off the coast they found the body of a totally “skinned” alligator.

Several fishermen who went out to catch octopus, which has been in abundance since before the passage of the red tide, noticed the dead gator.

The fishermen noted that the reptile was battered, but what caught their attention was that it was without skin. It is presumed that the people who perpetrated this atrocity intended to remove the skin and sell it.

The seamen presume that outsiders who have come for the capture of sea cucumber were involved.

Skinned gator Photo: Progreso Hoy
Skinned gator
Photo: Progreso Hoy

Photos of the alligator were quickly posted to social networks, sparking a wave of comments from the inhabitants of this port, who asked the relevant authorities to take action on the matter, to prevent further unfortunate cases.

The locals said that it appears that the outsiders who have camps in the nature reserve “Las Bocas” are those that are causing the killing of lizards to remove the skin and then sell it, because it can bring a good price.

In the comments, the locals denounced the furtive predators for killing all marine species, from sea cucumber, octopus, lobster, squid, scale species, lizards and even turtles. The outsiders have been branded as “pepinera mafia” that is destroying everything.


Source:  Progreso Hoy