Suspected kidnapping gang leader from Mexico state arrested in Mérida

Mexico Federal Police

In Mérida on Saturday Sept. 12, the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) of Yucatan arrested Francisco Lorenzo Rosas, alias “Comandante Paco,” fugitive from justice, accused of being a member of a gang of kidnappers in the state of Mexico.

Police reported that the suspect was apprehended in the streets of Francisco de Montejo neighborhood, in Merida´s northern section, while he was traveling in a pickup truck.

The SSP confirmed that the subject had a warrant in force against him in the State of Mexico. He was taken into custody under auspices of the Attorney General of the State of Yucatan, to be transferred soon to that entity.

Francisco Lorenzo Rosas Leon aka Comandante Paco (Photo: SIPSE)
Francisco Lorenzo Rosas Leon aka Comandante Paco (Photo: SIPSE)

Francisco Lorenzo Rosas, 38-year-old, was allegedly in charge of intercepting victims to take them to a safe house in Nopaltepec, State of Mexico.

The name of the gang to which he belongs is “The Nopaltecos” and five of its members besides himself, had been arrested in Otumba, State of Mexico six years ago for the crime of kidnapping. However, they were released soon after and reportedly continued their criminal activities.

On that occasion, in 2009, they found a safe house in Nopaltec municipality, where they kept their victims in captivity.

Source:  Diario de Yucatan