Progreso mayor issues warning: no-work employees won´t collect salaries

PROGRESO — “This fortnight everyone working for the city will collect his salary; those who are not going to collect are the “aviadores.” Let’s see who will be presented to collect, ” said Mayor José Isabel Cortés Góngora.

Interviewed Monday Sept. 14 at the Center for Marine Technology Studies (Cetmar), where he attended the inauguration of the school year and offered to support the school, the mayor made the following comments when asked if there is money in the City to cover workers´salaries.

“”Aviadores” will not be paid,” the mayor said, using the Spanish term for no-work government employees. “Let’s see who shows up to collect (Tuesday), and only those who work will be paid their salary.”

Cortés Gongora has said previously that as there may be as many as 300 no-work “aviadores” on the city payroll in Progreso, a city with an estimated population of about 50,000.

joe cortes gongora cetmar
Mayor José Isabel Cortés Gongora attended the inauguration of the school year at CETMAR Progreso.

The mayor also said that so far city council members have not received their salaries, but they will be paid on time.

After the opening ceremony of the school year and Cetmar anniversary, the mayor accompanied school director Carlos Andres Leon German in touring the area of ​​the sports field, which requires maintenance, and assured that the City will collaborate on repairs through its Department of Public Works.

Source:  Diario de Yucatan