Police arrest two suspects in brazen armed robbery in Merida

The police have arrested two suspects, one a Colombian national and the other from the state of Mexico, in connection with the armed robbery of $230,000 pesos (USD $14,000) Wednesday Sept. 9 in central Merida.

The subjects detained, Colombian César Enrique Suarez Bravo and Esteban Torres Landa, from the State of Mexico, are allegedly responsible for the assault on a woman in the city center.

As reported, in the vicinity of the former Railway Station, 46th Street between 49 and 51, two armed men assaulted a woman at gunpoint and made off with the $230,000 pesos.

The assailants riding a motorcycle threatened Natividad Lara Narvaez, who was driving a pickup truck with Campeche license plates.

The two men forced the driver to deliver the money, which was in a suitcase, and then absconded aboard the motorcycle.

Robbery crime scene (Photo: Diario de Yucatan)

The Ministry of Public Security launched a search for the assailants based on the description provided by the victim.

The agents closed the exits of the city and set up checkpoints on main roads and avenues to try to detain suspects, based on security camera photos of their faces.

Police made some searches in downtown hotels, and apparently one of the hotel managers identified the suspects from the pictures.

The police operation paid off and the capture of two suspects charged with committing the assault was achieved.

The Colombian and the suspect from the State of Mexico were referred to the Attorney General’s Office to answer charges for assault with a deadly weapon.

Source:  Diario de Yucatan



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