One tonne of cocaine seized at Mexico City Airport

A cocaine seizure by federal authorities at the Mexico City airport on Thursday September 4th, is one of the largest ever made.

A tonne of black cocaine was found in 40 25-kilogram sacks after federal agents learned that a shipment of the drug had been sent from Bogota, Colombia. A search of the airport’s Customs area turned up an unclaimed shipment of sacks labeled as zinc oxide.

Smugglers had employed a chemical process to disguise the drug and prevent it to be identified by sniffer dogs. The process, which has been in use for many years, produces what is known as black cocaine.

Tonne of black cocaine got past the sniffer dogs (Photo: Mexico News Daily)

Investigators with the federal Attorney General’s office had their own chemical process that was able to identify the presence of cocaine along with another as yet unidentified inorganic compound.

It was the largest shipment of cocaine seized at the airport since 2007, when traffickers hid a tonne of the drug in 25 plastic suitcases, each weighing 40 kilograms.

That shipment came from Venezuela, as did another one of 585 kilograms in 2005.

Authorities believe the airport was the principal entry point for heroin and cocaine between 2000 and 2010.

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