Mexican inventor’s autonomous car to be tested in October

Photo: Inventor Raul Rojas Gonzalez

MEXICO CITY — The autonomous vehicle created by Mexican Raul Rojas Gonzalez will be tested in October with a test-drive of 2,400 kilometers (1,491 miles) without any person at the wheel.

To conduct this evaluation, a three-dimensional map was generated of the route between Nogales and Mexico City that the car will take, explains Rojas González, Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the Free University of Berlin.

The map provides detailed information on road conditions to the computer installed in the car, which with 33 sensors, nine video cameras, nine radars and a GPS system can be operated without a driver.

Among the data collected are the number and width of lanes, maximum speed, location of  intersections, traffic lights, speed bumps and highway interconnections.

Photo: Inventor Raul Rojas Gonzalez
Inventor Raul Rojas Gonzalez

The prototype was presented in Mexico in 2012, but the car can now cover much larger distances. When you turn on the car the driver determines the destination in the computer, which functions as an instrument of navigation and route indicator when handled manually.

Pressing the autopilot button enables a map the computer already has and the calculated trajectory to cover the route.

Rojas González explains that automotive technicians are working with the goal that the technology be adapted for commerical autos in the U.S., Germany and Japan in 2020.  It´s hoped that the vehicle system will be in widespread use by 2040 or 2050.


Source: Diario de Yucatan



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